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AWARD WINNING Breast Pump at NO COST to you when using Medicaid & most Private Insurance!

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Sisters Charlotte and Isabelle H. - Austin, Tx.

I got it first. I cried when we found out my little sister had it too. I told her there are people working very hard to find a cure for our disease and that made her happy. Our mom worries about our future. That's why she buys our diabetes supplies through FIFTY 50 Pharmacy. They're the only company that donates half their profits to diabetes research.

I wish everyone bought their supplies from FIFTY 50. Then the people searching for the cure would have more money so they could find it faster. That would make me and my little sister very happy.


FIFTY 50 Glucose Meter 2.0 Sport

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Go here for answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Omnipod DASH™ System.

Learn what the body already knows - that the slowly digested, low GI carbs are the Good Carbs!

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The broad selection of Low Glycemic foods offered by 50 Foods helps minimize blood glucose fluctuations without giving up your favorite treats.

Learn more about Diabetes and Clinical Trials via the Policy Lab website.

JDRF and FIFTY 50 Funding Diabetes Cure
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