JDRF TypeOneNation Educational Conference

JDRF TypeOneNation Educational Conference New Braunfels TX

JDRF TypeOneNation Educational Conference

JRDF Joint Summit TypeOneNation FIFTY 50 KidNation Sponsorship

Left to right:
Beckie McCleery, FIFTY 50, and Kathy McAninch, FIFTY 50 volunteer.


JDRF Austin and South Central Texas (San Antonio) chapters presented a day full of education and inspiration on May 21 at the New Braunfels Convention Center.

Attendees learned all about the latest in T1D research.   Presentators including Dr. Stephen Ponder, Dr. Barbara Anderson and Gary Scheiner provided informative presentations about exercise, diabetes management and current clinical trials happening now in Central Texas!

FIFTY 50 sponsored the KidNation (Children’s Track) and alot of fun and learning was enjoyed.  Beckie McCleery manned the FIFTY 50 table to discuss the monthly diabetes testing supplies and pump supply program available from the company.

When customers order their diabetes supplies from FIFTY 50,  half the profit is donated to diabetes research.  A total of $13.6 million so far!


JDRF Joint Summit KidNation Track Participants

JDRF Joint Summit KidNation Track participants in New Braunfels, Tx.

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