Diabetes Supply Cases

Buy these Fifty50 Diabetes Supply Bags all sizesThe FIFTY 50 diabetes supply cases are available in 3 sizes ranging from large to small to micro.  All designed specifically to carry your diabetic supplies and daily support items.  Made from durable, water resistant neoprene material providing protection for your testing and pump supplies from weather.

Both the large diabetes supply case and small diabetes supply case offer insulated areas for carrying gel packs to keep your diabetes supply cool. The micro insulin pump case is designed with special features to carry an insulin pump.  In addition, it is a right-sized supply tote case for younger children including a waist clip-on.

Glucose Testing Supply Organization

  • The large and small supply cases organize all types of diabetic supplies for travel, school, and work.
  • In addition to various sized pockets, you will find mesh pockets and elastic loops.  These store insulin vials, test strips, a glucose meter, syringes or insulin pens and gel tabs.
  • The adjustable strap is for wearing the large and small diabetes supply bags on a shoulder or cross body.

Unzip the bags and find multiple sections and mesh layered pockets within each section.  They are sized to store a variety of testing and pump supplies and other daily support items.  There are sections perfect to store your glucose meter or CGM pod.  Others are perfect for organizing lancing devices, insulin pen tips, and other supplies.  Another section provides elastic loops for insulin vials, test strips, or insulin pens or syringes.

Need to keep your insulin cool?

The small and large supply bags have pockets designed to hold cooling gel packs.  Just slip the gel pouch in the pocket and the insulin vials or insulin pens are kept cool.  Use the gel packs as instructed and the result is a safe insulin storage bag during an active day.

The large supply bag will store larger, bulkier items like a glucagon kit, infusion sets or extra pods.

Constructed out of durable, easy to clean neoprene; these padded diabetes supply cases are built to last.

Finally, what a selection!

With close to 50 bags to choose from, shop now to find a FIFTY 50 diabetes supply case to fit your lifestyle or a child’s interest.

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