All Medical Alert IDs

Express your personality and life style with a choice of diabetes medical ID bracelets from FIFTY 50 Medical. Choose from various styles, colors and materials. We have a diabetes medical alert ID to support your current lifestyle moment. ¬†And as your lifestyle changes, change your diabetes medical alert ID fashion. Sport … Formal … Casual … Fun – all are available.

    Material choices include:

  • durable corrosive resistant stainless steel
  • weather proof silicone
  • chic leather
  • flexible PVC
  • crystal beads
  • decorative wood and hemp

Find medical alert IDs in color shades of blacks, browns, gray, reds, blues, greens, pink, orange, purple, yellow and turquoise.

Enjoy styles ranging from traditional and simple wrist band, formal bracelets, sporty for active lifestyles to woodstock era inspired fashions. Include the retro look of beads and braided leather to urban cuffs of leather or stainless steel. Or both.

Find many child inspired fun patterns including cars, sports, dance and others. Our SPORTKids unique designs and patterns are most popular with the young of age and young at heart. Many of these patterns match our popular supply bags and equipment cases.

Identifying Your Diabetes Could Save Your Life

Some people are not very supportive of getting “tagged” as a diabetic. However, the fact is that your bracelet or necklace with diabetes medical alert tag could make a difference as first responders arrive to your emergency situation.

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