Owen Mumford Autoject® 2 Self-injection Device – AJ1300


The Owen-Mumford Autoject® 2 Self-injection Device – an innovative solution for needle anxiety.  Compatible with most major brands of fixed needle syringe.

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The Autoject® 2 Automatic Injection Aid makes syringe self-injection easy by reducing anxiety and enhancing comfort. Simply load a syringe, and at the touch of a button, Autoject® 2 injects the needle at a pre-set depth and delivers the medication subcutaneously.

Injection Aid Benefits

  • Makes the self-injection experience simple, convenient and more manageable
  • Conceals needle before use to ease patient anxiety
  • Features Safety Interlock mechanism to help prevent accidental misfires
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use design is great for users of all ages
  • Can be operated one-handed, allowing for easier injection site access
  • Audible and visual indicators help ensure medication is administered correctly

Packaged quantity is 1. You can read the Owen Mumford Autoject® instructions for use.


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