Bayer DIDGET™ Blood Glucose Meter


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The only meter that rewards children for consistent testing!

DIDGET™ blood glucose meter from Bayer is the only meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS™ or Nintendo DS™ Lite gaming system to reward children for consistent testing. Plus, it offers No Coding™ technology, two testing modes and the same easy accuracy as Bayer’s CONTOUR™ blood glucose meter. Features:

  • Converts test results into reward points that children can use to unlock new levels and buy in-game items.
  • Includes Knock ‘Em Downs™: World’s Fair video game and Mini Game Arcade for use with the Nintendo™ DS and Nintendo™ DS Lite gaming systems.
  • Uses Bayer’s CONTOUR Test Strips, available on prescription
  • Bayer’s DIDGET World Web Community Our password protected web community lets kids have fun while managing their diabetes. Find out more.

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