Bionix ShotBlocker® Shot Injection Pain Blocker


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ShotBlocker® by Bionix is designed to block the pain of routine injections such as insulin, allergy and immunizations, simply and effectively. ShotBlocker® is a flexible plastic disk that features a number of short, blunt skin contact points on its underside and a centrally located opening through which Intramuscular (IM) and Subcutaneous (SQ) injections are administered.

ShotBlocker® works through a novel application of the gate control theory of pain management. This theory states that a gating mechanism exists in the spinal cord through which both pain and sensory signals travel to the brain. ShotBlocker® stimulates the skin at the injection site with its multiple blunt skin contact points. The sensation produced closes the “gate” to block the flow of pain signals to the brain.

ShotBlocker® Offers:

  • Pain Management – Skin contact points stimulate the injection site, creating a pain-free injection.
  • Immediate Response – Works instantly to block the pain.
  • Ease of Use – Small, flexible device is easy to incorporate while administering the injection.
  • Safety – A shot blocker which blocks the pain without the use of chemicals.
  • Effectiveness – Great for everyone age 2 through adult.
  • Versatility – Works on IM and SC injections.

shotblockerdemo_200 How to Use:

  1. First, prep the site and prepare injection.
  2. Place ShotBlocker® over the injections site and PRESS FIRMLY with your thumb and fore finger. DO NOT MOVE OR REMOVE SHOTBLOCKER® UNTIL AFTER THE SHOT HAS BEEN GIVEN.
  3. Give the shot in the usual manner. (Do this IMMEDIATELY; if more than 20 seconds have passed, repeat step 2 before giving injection.)
  4. Withdraw the needle and syringe in a safe fashion.
  5. Remove ShotBlocker®. Clean with soap and water; may be reused on the same individual.


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