Even Little Kids Get Diabetes Book


Easy language and simple explanations will help even very young children understand what it means to have diabetes. They will find some of their own experiences described and at the same time receive reassurance that they are still “regular kids.”

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A story about a girl who is diagnosed with diabetes and she discovers that she must have shots and finger sticks, but is still a regular kid.

From School Library Journal review:

A reasurring book for a potentially frightening discovery. Written for children (Preschool to 2) who have recently learned that they have diabetes, it discusses symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and treatment. No punches are pulled: the young patient relates her hospital stay, explains how she must have injections everyday (and will eventually give them to herself), and states her frustration at never being able to eat sweets, even at a birthday party. Language is simple, age appropriate, and effectively gets the point across.

The ink-and-watercolor drawings are lively and often upbeat, with small touches that reflect reality, such as a hospital scene in which the patient’s teddy bear is outfitted with an I. V. board too. Perhaps the most valuable part of the book is the “note for parents,” which relates Pirner’s personal experience over the last three years in caring for a diabetic child. The book fills a definite void, as other titles on the subject are geared for much older readers.

author : Connie Pirner
illustrator : Nadine Bernard Westcott

typicalAgeRange : 8-12 years
Grade Level : Preschool – 2
BookFormatType : Paperback
numberOfPages : 24


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