NovoFine 31 gauge Pen Needles


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NovoFine® 31: Disposable Needle 31 gauge x 1/4″ (6-mm) NovoFine® Disposable Needles offer the following: Rated practically pain free by 90% of people surveyed, Shorter length helps prevent accidental injection into muscle, Improved safety, thanks to high-quality needle caps, and Thin-wall technology allows insulin to flow more freely and reduces the time it takes to deliver dose . *Allows for less painful stick when used with OneTouch UltraSoft®Automatic Blood Sampler and OneTouch UltraSoft® Lancets. *Before patients begin testing on the arm, they should read the owner’s booklet and talk to their doctor or diabetes care team. *Needles are sold separately and may require a prescription in some states.


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