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Precision Link Software For use with the Precision QID, Medisense II meters and R.S.G. meters.

MediSense® Precision Link™ is an easy to use, windows-based software package specifically designed to work with MediSense blood glucose meters. It could help you to improve your blood glucose control .

Precision Link is

  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Can download all the results from your MediSense meter.
  • Records all dates and times of tests.
  • Provides easy-to-view graphical and statistical results of all tests.

Easy to connect

Precision Link can connect directly to the following blood glucose meters:

  • MediSensePrecision Q.I.D.™
  • MediSense Card™
  • MediSense Pen™

Precision Link Direct can connect directly to the following blood glucose meters:

  • MediSense Optium™
  • MediSense Soft-Sense™

Easy to use and understand

  • User-friendly layout.
  • Familiar windows environment can display results in colour-coded graphs, pie charts and tables for quick and easy analysis.
  • Each screen allows you to easily change the time span and date span.
  • Data in table formats can easily be exported to other databases or statistical programs.

Improve your blood glucose control

  • Flexible settings – can pre-select time segments e.g. pre- or post-meals, weekends or week days.
  • Long term monitoring allows easy view of changes and patterns in blood glucose levels.
  • Results within a single day can easily be identified.
  • Average line data provides more detailed analysis by connecting all the average daily results.

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