Smoking Stinks! ! Book!


Smoking Stinks!! is a perfect read-aloud for the Great Ame

author : Kim Gosselin
illustrator : Moss Freedman

typicalAgeRange : 5-12 years
Grade Level : Kindergarten – 6
BookFormatType : Paperback
numberOfPages : 32

rican Smokeout or for any day!  The message of the book is hardly subliminal! It’s very clear—without being preachy.

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Maddie and Alex prepare for their school health report about smoking, and learn from Maddie`s grandfather why he started smoking and why he can`t quit. The story stresses the importance of never using tobacco products and the dangers of passive smoke. Reviewed positively by the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and many other health professionals. Ideal for elementary school aged children. Teachers Choice Award Winner.

author : Kim Gosselin
illustrator : Thom Buttner

typicalAgeRange : 4-12 years
Grade Level : Preschool – 6
BookFormatType : Paperback
numberOfPages : 36


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