Stainless Steel Cuff Band Diabetes Medical Alert ID Bracelet


This brushed stainless steel diabetes medical alert id is a fashionable way to id yourself as living with diabetes.


Pure and simple stainless steel is the fashion statement with this diabetes medical alert ID jewelry bracelet.  The brushed steel finish conveys important medical information alerting first responders about your diabetes condition.

The universal medical alert symbol is etched in red with “Diabetes” in black. The reverse side of the brushed stainless steel band can be engraved within a 1 1/4″ x 9/16″ area. Bracelet can be adjusted to fit up to 8″ wrist.

Identifying Your Diabetes Could Save Your Life

Some people are not very supportive of getting “tagged” as a diabetic. However, the fact is that your bracelet or necklace with diabetes medical alert tag could make a difference as first responders arrive to your emergency situation.


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