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Youth Deluxe Bundle – Black


This bundle includes ofAdjustable Black Canvas Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet three sizes of our supply bags, 2 of our neoprene diabetes medical IDs and a meter skin for the FIFTY 50 Medical Glucose Meter 2.0.  The bundle is available in either the All Sports or Flowers style.

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Parents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles!  Buy your special youth or young adult T1D or T2D a year round gift which brings style to their life of monitoring and managing their glucose levels.  The all inclusive deluxe bundle includes a bundle of 4 products available in a matching set of black colored bags and IDs in leather and canvas style.  The IDs are sized to fit up to 8″ wrists.  The bundle includes:

  1. Diabetic Supply Bag – Small 
  2. Diabetic Supply Bag – Large
  3. Adjustable Brushed Black Leather Cuff Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet
  4. Adjustable Black Canvas Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet


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All Sports, Flowers